The kitchen is the most expensive and important room to renovate. When you renovate your kitchen it helps to provide new life and energy to your vintage and old kitchen structure. Apart from that, it helps to boost the entire home structure. Cooking is much easier in the renovated kitchen. Kitchen renovation not only gives the kitchen a pretty look but also helps accomplish a proper return of profits. Given below are several kitchen designs we provide, which can help you renovate the kitchen. 

Modern Kitchen Design 

Modern kitchen design consists of simple colour palettes, minimalist features and open spaces, offering clutter-free space. This kitchen design is part of the trends like open spaces and clean lines. It denotes simplicity and maximizes the functionality by utilizing cabinetry and space. The main characteristics of modern kitchen designs are:

  • Full overlay cabinetry
  • Horizontal lines
  • Simple hardware
  • Minimalistic ornamentation and details

When you put the kitchen design into practice, it becomes easier to break the kitchen design into components like layout, hardware, space, lighting and furniture. 

Handleless Kitchen Design

Handleless kitchen design is a growing trend these days. The fronts of the furniture are highly popular in handleless kitchen designs. This style uses two types of contrasting colors for the doors and worktops. It is highly relevant to those who want to go for a breezy and spacious look for the kitchen. The main aim of this kitchen design style is to give the kitchen a clean look and invest in appliances to maintain and uphold the look. 

Transitional Kitchen Design 

The transitional kitchen design is a combination of traditional and contemporary designs. Homeowners are attracted to this kitchen design as it combines textures, colors and design. The main characteristic of the transitional kitchen design is to adopt a neutral color scheme throughout with simple kitchen cabinets. The wooden kitchen is the most attractive in every generation, and the transitional kitchen inspires the use of wooden materials.

Traditional Kitchen Design

The traditional kitchen design denotes the incorporation of painting in the cabinets with or without the glass front doors. The class elements are the main characteristics of the traditional kitchen as it enables entertainment and family bonding. The use of natural materials is also a characteristic of a traditional kitchen. It is welcoming, flexible and timeless. It even suits a wide range of home styles for different purposes. The traditional kitchen always prefers wooden furnishing, providing a classy look with soft muted colors and panel cabinets. 

At Eurolux Kitchens, we take pride in being a kitchen studio with a choice. Simply pick your materials, colours or design element and we will have a design ready for you. So reach out to us when you plan to renovate your kitchen and leave the rest in our capable hands.