It is not always easy to find the right place for all your kitchen items in a small kitchen. This leads to cluttered and disorganized spaces. In addition, it can be a task to find the proper storage solutions for your kitchen. But with some clever ideas, you can store your items to make your small kitchen look even more prominent. Here are some innovative storage ideas for small kitchens.

Utilize Under-Sink Storage

There is usually a lot of wasted space in a small kitchen, which is an opportunity to utilize. You can use under-sink storage for things like dish soap, sponges, and other cleaning products that you use often but don’t need on hand. You can also use under-sink storage effectively for self-storing containers like baskets and shelves or kitchen cleaning products.

Install a Magnetic Spice Rack

Magnetic spice racks are perfect for small kitchens because they don’t take up any precious counter space and make it easy to see what spices you have at any given time. Install over-the-door hooks and use them to organize your pots and pans.

Utilize the Space on Walls

One of the most common ways to store things in a small kitchen is on the walls. This idea works well if you have a lot of cabinets or shelves on the wall space. You can also use hooks or baskets to hang things from the ceiling or put extended brackets on one of the walls and hang them from there.

Utilize the Area Under the Stovetop

It is one of the least used spaces, but you can use the drawers under the stove effectively to store seasonal items or winter gear. 

Install Over-The-Door Hooks

Over-the-door hooks are perfect for hanging pots, pans, and utensils on, which can be a hassle in smaller kitchens.

Install a Cabinet Driver

A cabinet divider is perfect for dividing up your counter space. You can have separate sections for baking and cooking without cluttering the kitchen. You can also install a countertop spice rack as a pattern on your wall.

It may not be possible for you to get a kitchen extension or increase the size of your kitchen. Still, you can use the vertical space that you do have. For example, you could eliminate a cabinet or set up the kitchen with more counters and double sinks.

Kitchen design and layout are one of the most important aspects of home improvement, and they can bring a sense of organization and order to your life. In contrast, a poor design can cause chaos. Eurolux Kitchens has some helpful tips on maximizing your small space in the kitchen. Contact us for kitchen design ideas.